Wine and fast caves

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Wine and fast caves Empty Wine and fast caves

Post  Koik on Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:38 pm

Wine is essentially required for caves 69 and up.

Wine is not needed for 19 or 29. I personally appreciate wine at 39 and up.

For low and mid level caves, farming for wine materials (mats) makes sense.

Buying wine ? Never pay more than 120K per bottle. Instead, go to catshops and buy 20 tokens. Then go to Boutique Agent and get 2 wines under LUCK, 4th row. Then go to Eldest Matchmaker and get your wine.

Got a Call to Duty ? do some farming or boutique agent. Then you will get high lvl people to come quickly (WE HOPE). Call to Duty benefits all members of a squad. BH does not, except that we like to see you all level up.

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