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Cube of Fate

The Cube of Fate is a solo dungeon (shared instance) that you can enter starting at level 40. There are 50 rooms in the puzzle dungeon, each with it's own unique challenge to complete. Once you complete a room's challenge, you will receive a random six sided die that will move you forward throughout the dungeon. The objective is to reach room 50, however if you fail a challenge or are killed along the way, you will respawn back in room 1 with the option to either exit the Cube, or start the puzzle all over again.

While the Cube can be very frustrating at times, it can also be very rewarding. You could spend a few million coins and come out empty handed, or you could spend 100k and come out with a few million coins, 20 Mysterious Chips, and over 350,000 XP! It's completely random, though patience and persistence will certainly help.

You can only do this quest once per day (well, on the days you can afford it).

* Level 40+ to enter
* 1 Badge of Honor, which you can get once per day from the Adventure Assistants/Khatru Pup in each of the 6 major cities
* 10-30 Mirage Celestones. Each Celestone can be exchanged for 2 Dice Tickets, and each room requires 1 Dice Ticket to begin the challenge. Some rooms have very difficult challenges, and can be bypassed by paying additional Dice Tickets
* 400-600k. Several rooms require 100-200k coins to pass, although usually you are given a chance to win additional coins back
* Patience. Some days it's going to be really easy, and some days it will be impossible to finish. Understand that going in, the Cube is completely random

* XP! At level 70-79, it's worth 350,000 XP and 70,000 spirit IF you reach room 50, at 80+ it's 400k/80k
* Money. Several rooms have a chance to win either 1 million or 5 million coins
* Mysterious Chips. Up to 20 per run (5 per room, 4 chip rooms), can be traded for Legendary Molds at the Mysterious Vendor in Thousand Streams City
* ??????. At 80+ you get a chance to enter the Cube Lottery, but it's still not translated into English, so I'm unsure what the rewards are though database sites do show some legendary gear that comes from the lottery
* Pages of Fate. At level 90+, you don't get a XP reward for completing the Cube of Fate, but you do get pages that you can trade for your Demon/Sage skill books

Challenge Rooms

[1] Fate's Beginning
Trade your Duty Badge for a Puzzle Cube at the Room 1 Teleport Master
Use the Forge beside him to repair, buy potions, and exchange Mirage Celestones for Dice Tickets
Choose 'Start the Challenge' to exchange your Puzzle Cube and 1 Dice Ticket, for a random die (1-6)
Right click on the die, and you'll move forward that many rooms i.e. if you get a 5 die and you're in room 1, you'll end up in room 6

[2] Chest of Mystery
Open 5 chests for quest items, get a die.

[3] Slaughterhouse
Kill 5 monsters, get a die.

[4] Mice Bashing
Kill 10 monsters, 1 hit each, use auto attack, get a die.

[5] Count the Apples
Count either the red, white, or blue wisps. Choose correctly, get a die.

[6] Open Sesame
Kill the boss mob in this room, who does a very weak AOE dmg (~100 every few seconds)
When he dies a Teleport Master will spawn, talk to him to get a die
The boss will respawn in about 20 seconds, so make it fast and don't AFK on auto attack for too long

[7] Have a Listen
Talk to the butterfly NPC to start the challenge
The goal is to find out which monsters have sound effects, the ones with the fire noise will 1 hit kill you, so slowly approach them until you find the monsters with no sound, and run through them to the other side
Try the 2 mobs against the left hand wall

[8] Try Your Luck
Costs 100k, open 10 chests and receive either a Sadness Card (sells for 1 coin), or a Ecstasy Card (sells for 1,000,000 coins)

[9] 100 Second Stand
Stay alive for 100 seconds
The mob in the center does AOE dmg, while the moving mobs do weak physical
Run to the corner of the room and kill any monsters that follow you, then just tank the AOE dmg

[10] Bombs Away!
A time bomb is attached to you and will detonate in 10 minutes
Once you reach the NPC in room 17 (or higher) ask him to diffuse the bomb
If you fail before the bomb goes off, make sure you have the NPC in room 1 diffuse the bomb

[11] Bored ...
Jail room, simply wait 3 minutes and you'll get a die

[12] Choices of Fate
Receive a random token, either 1 room back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right click to use it like a die

[13] Squad of Six
Either talk to the NPC while having 5 squad mates in the room, or pay 3 Dice Tickets to bypass the challenge

[14] I Don't Wanna Leave
The objective of this room is to get a die once someone in the room dies, so, you can either wait for someone to enter and then PK them
Or simply get yourself killed and start over at room 1
To kill yourself, run into the corner with the plant mob, which will debuff your HP by 80%, then agro the mob in the middle

[15] Mystical Messenger
First of four rooms where you can get Mysterious Chips (up to 5 per room)
You have 60 seconds to kill as many mobs as you can
You must turn the quest in at the middle NPC before the timer runs out, or you get 0 chips
You can only do the Kill for Thrills quest once per day, in each of the four rooms, for a maximum of 20 Mysterious Chips per run

[16] Fight the Demon
Must kill a very tough mob, only possible with a squad of people in the same room
Or you can pay X dice tickets to bypass the challenge and get a die

[17] Ecstasy or Sadness
Another chest room, pay 100k, open 10 chests, can either win 1 coin, or 1,000,000 coins

[18] Not Enough Yet
When you enter, you're given 9 Robber cards, but you need 10 to complete the quest and move on. You can either wait for someone else to come in and give you one of their cards, or Use your Town Portal skill to go back to room 1

[19] Happy Hold-up
Talk to the NPC, get 5 extra Dice Tickets, and a die

[20] Another Choice of Fate
Receive a random token, either 1-3 rooms back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right click to use it like a die

[21] Beast Hunter
Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes, can be difficult depending on your level
For example, level 70-79 have to kill level 75 mobs, easier at level 79 than at level 70

[22] Mystical Messenger
Second of four rooms you can get Mysterious Chips in, same challenge, 60 seconds to kill 1-5 mobs

[23] Real or Fake
Must kill 1 mob

[24] Consequence
Open 5 chests, get a die
You can change the amount of chests required to complete the challenge, to either 5, 20, or 100 chests

[25] Dragon Gate
Run through the exploding hands, simply wait for them to explode them move through the circle
Reach the opposite corner and talk to the NPC for your die

[26] Death Judge
Must loot 5 chests, guarded by a mob that will 1 hit kill you
The mob moves very, very slow, so you can have him chase you to the corner of the room
Then run back and loot 2 chests, rinse, repeat

[27] Try to Listen EX
Same as the previous listen room, try the 2 mobs 2nd from the right wall

Only 3 paths are available to take in this room.

O = mobs with no sound
X = mobs with sound

Path 1:

Path 2:

Path 3:
X X X X O Yes u have to go in a diagnol path for this one. Tricky just take ur time.

Hope this helps anyone with trouble in this room
sometimes youll get this



DON'T HYPER RUN 2-2 as 2nd can be boom

[28] Count the Apples EX
Same as the first room, count either the red, white, or blue wisps (it's random which one the NPC will ask for)

For blue balls
1. If given option 13, 14 or 15 - answer = 14.
2. If given option 14, 13 or 12 - answer = 12.
3. If given option 11, 10 or 12 - answer = 12.
4. If given option 09, 14 or 12 - answer = 12.
5. If given option 08, 12 or 11 - answer = 11.
6. If given option 09, 10 or 11 - answer = 11.

For White balls
1. If given option 10, 09 or 11 - answer = 11.
2. If given option 10, 08 or 11 - answer = 10.
3. If given option 10, 08 or 09 - answer = 10.
4. If given option 11, 10 or 09 - answer = 11.

For Red Balls Doesn't work so just wait 3 minutes for reset.

[29] Slaughterhouse EX
Kill 5 mobs, no time limit

[30] 100 Second Stand EX
Stay alive for 100 seconds, the AOE does more damage in this room, fairly easy with a HP charm

[31] Mystical Messenger
Third of the four Mysterious Chip rooms

[32] So Bored
Jail room, simply wait 5 minutes and you'll receive a die, PK enabled so don't AFK

[33] Monster Trapper
Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes

[34] Steadfast
Same as room 14, either kill another player, or kill yourself and start over. If you do manage to kill another player here, walk along to wall to the opposite corner of the room to avoid agressing the middle ball, and make sure you talk to the NPC twice. The corner mobs only do a debuff which you can relog to clear (once you use the die)

[35] Life Diverged, Again
Receive a random token, either 3 rooms back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right click to use it like a die

[36] Crazy Chest
Loot 10 chests, get a die

[37] Great Luck
Pay 200,000 coins, get a box with random goodies inside
Can include 1-3 Mirage Celestones, 5-10 Dice Tickets, or 2 Do-All Cards (can be made into Robber or Bully Cards)

[38] Dragon Gate EX
Same as room 25, except little insects run around that can 1 hit kill you, need to avoid both them and the exploding hands, for an easy time hug the walls tightly to avoid the insect patrols

[39] Consequence II
Open 20 chests, get a die
You can change the amount of chests required to complete the challenge, to either 5, 20, or 100 chests

[40] Sadness or Ecstasy
Pay 100,000 coins, open 10 chests, either win 1 coin, or 5,000,000 coins

[41] Squad of Three
Create a squad of 3 players in the same room, or pay 10 Dice Tickets to bypass the challenge

[42] Mystical Messenger
The final Mysterious Chip room, 5 mobs, 60 seconds

[43] Take Down the Demon
Need a squad to kill these mobs, pay X Dice Tickets to bypass the challenge

[44] Bomber Mania
A time bomb is attached to you, must reach room 50 in 10 minutes or less
Talk to the NPC in room 50 to diffuse the bomb

[45] Open, open sesame!
Same as room 6, kill a boss mob (weak, 100 dmg AOE) that has tons of hit points, takes 20-40 minutes depending on class and level, pray you don't hit the previous room and roll a 1

[46] Still not Enough
Same as room 18, get 9 Bully Cards, need 10
Either hope someone comes in and gives you one of theirs, or Town Portal back to room 1 and start over

[47] 100 Seconds, Bring It On!
Stay alive for 100 seconds, same as the previous two 100 second rooms
Mob in the middle does significatly more AOE dmg (impossible for a 80 Archer)
If you're not a Barbarian or Cleric, just die and start over
[48] Chest Unlocker Hardcore
Open 10 chests, get a die

[49] Prize Raid
Have 2 minutes to kill as many mobs as you can, each mob is worth 5000 XP and 1000 Spirit

[50] Fate's End
The final room, receive your XP, Spirit, and a chest that contains 1-3 Mirage Celestones, with a 5% chance to get a Badge of Dexterity (need 10 to make a Sign of Dexterity, need 1 of each Sign type to get the level 90+ Sage weapons)

Mysterious Chips
If you visit the Mysterious Merchant in Thousand Streams City, left of the city elder, you can trade chips + coins for legendary molds and items. It looks like most of the molds available come from FB 69-89, and some of the pricing seems a little skewed. You can also trade chips and coins for legendary materials from Twilight Temple, Lunar Glade, and the Warsoul (end game) weapons.

Advanced cube:

Room 51
Got 2 part on this room.
First room are Reqiure to pay 150K and kill 6 of the monsters in 5 minute time.
Second room are reqiure to done it within 5 minute time also. When you get inside this room, there will have a chest board (5 x 5) with diffrent colour. There will have some pillar in between the chest board, just select the colour from the pillar and make sure it is diffrent from other four colour.

Room 52
Kill boss in 12 minute you may give up the mission but will not get the reward. REMEMBER the level and the attack of the boss will increase in each stage. Player please becareful and each boss you kill you may get one bonus card.

Room 53
In this room have three monster and one of it is the mission boss and they are auto attack. Dont try to attack them because is hard to do it just eat or use immune skil, lure them and the ball go inside the goal and they will die if they get inside the goal. After goal you may need to dig a box. Over there have two boxes one is small other one is big but only can dig the big one.

Room 54
This room are reqiure to pay 100k to pass the mission. If you get the jackpot you will have the reward.

Room 55
In this room just get the voucher from the NPC and then get the reward from the other NPC. Reward is random.

Room 56
12 hole
Room for get mission and pass mission: 448,659-----A
Other Room:
448,639-----B, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 3rd hole to D, 2nd row 1st hole to E, 2nd row 3rd hole to A
438,659-----C, 1st row 1st hole to E, 1st row 2nd hole to D, Other no use.
438,649-----D, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 3rd hole to E, other no use
438,639-----E, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 2nd hole to D, 2nd row 2nd hole to B

Room A is for player to get mission and pass mission. After get the mission from Room A, you required help the NPC find one of his brother from five of it. After find his brother and pass the message to him, player require back to room A to pass the mission. If hard if didnt follow above instruction because got 12 teleport hole that may teleport player to diffrent room. REMEMBER if cant find his brother please do not back to Room A because if you didnt pass the massage to his brother and go back to room A you will been teleport back to Room 1.

Room 57
Same as horse racing, got diffrent colour of ball with diffrent effect when player touch it. player need to find the correct NPC to get mission and pass mission within 5 minute. There have total 4 NPC inside the room.
red colour= minus hp
yellow colour= stun
Green colour= slow

Room 58
In this room player will been given a fate of the gold medal but the mission is require two of it to pass it so player require to PK with other player to get the other The fate of the gold medal from player or just provide 10pcs of Universal Card to pass the misson.

Room 59
Pay for 600k to pass this room to process to room 60 or 200k for other room

Room 60
Room 60 final room for this mission, just pass the mission.

Decided I'll add a few more notes for various rooms, as the cube guides are kinda vague for most rooms. If I didn't mention the room below, it's very self-explanatory.

PREPARATION: This is important if you are serious about beating cube. Bring along 1 Bully Card + 2 (or even more) Robber Cards. You'll see why you need multiple Robber's below at room 18 and 20. Also bring at least 30-50 Dice Tickets. Finally, also bring at least 500k coin (2.5mil coin if you plan to also do Rooms 51-60). The more you bring of any of the above, the safer. Finally, you must have a HP charm. Optional: +speed increase apothecary items.

Room 6 - If you don't like to solo this guy, the corner you zone in at is "safe", you can wait till someone else enters, but it's a gamble how long you wait.

Room 7 - It is always the far left two.

Room 9 - Soon as you enter, jet for nearest corner and kill the mobs that agro'd on you asap. Just hug that corner and heal yourself. 9 times out of 10 mobs won't wander close enough to agro anymore.

Room 14 - Wait at the entrance to gank the next guy. But this is so early in the cube, your time is better spent just suiciding and starting over. Special note: if you have the bomb from room 10, you might as well wait the time for it in this room as you'll have to wait anyways if you suicide, due to quest bug.

Room 16 - Veno's can kill this boss. Not QUITE sure what level golem you need, but golems can handle it at some point. If you're grouped with a veno, wait to see if they can help you thru.

Room 18 - Glad you brought a spare Robber, eh?

Room 20 - This is why you bring 2 or more Robbers. If you get "Life", you advance to Room 25. If you get "Death" you go back to 18... and need another Robber card.

Room 25 - Not too difficult. The small spots not surrounded by trap circles are safe. But they are staggered enough to be able to wing it on thru.

Room 27 - Listed from left to right, two rows, one thru five.... 2-2, 4-4, 5-4 are the possible safe paths. They aren't ALL safe always, you must test them still. Turn your in-game volume up to max, and turn monitor volume up. To listen, you stand about 15-20 meters away and pan the camera around... then inch a tad closer and pan camera around. Do this until you pass thru first one and test the 2nd one also. If the first monster of both lane 2 and lane 4 are "bad", then 5-4 is the path.

Room 28 - Posted above in this thread is the automatic answers for Blue and White. Good luck if you get Red.

Room 30 - You can probably get by with same tactic as room 9. However, the monsters that respawn will most likely draw agro again and you'll have to kill it. The other tactic is to run circles in the room with monsters chasing you. All the while using hp pots. If you have 3k+ hp, I believe lvl 70+ pots will cover you, if the monsters don't land hits. If you are rich or had the foresight to save all that event food from the Jolly event, Multiflavor Jiaozi makes this room almost trivial.

Room 34 - Same as 14, you can wait at the entrance and gank the next poor sap to come in if you want. If you are a cleric or barbarian, a good tactic is to wait in the opposite corner (don't agro the center mob yet), and when someone enters, you set off the center mob. Barbarians have the hp to "ride" out the damage with charms, and clerics can heal of course. By the time the other person realizes what is going on, their charm has already ticked and you can be on them already. Veno pets get eaten up by the aoe and anyone with under 4k hp not using event food will die to the aoe before their charm refreshes.

Room 38 - MY most hated room. Keep an eye on the roaming mobs always. Once the coast is clear and the traps have just finished, run along the right wall to the next corner. If you have it, use your apothecary items... or even better, Holy Path genie. Once you get to that corner, HUG it close. It's a safe spot from traps and mobs. Once your apothecary item cools down and/or your genie regenerates energy... make the last leg of the journey. (Special note: I am 9 for 9 passing since learning this)

Room 40 - Honestly, I'd open this one always.

Room 43 - Same as Room 16, just more hitpoints.

Room 44 - Before you accept the bomb, be prepared to shave every second off the rest of the run. It's not far, but the final rooms are all a little time-consuming. Rule of thumb, budget 90sec for room 48, 15sec for room 50 (to run to the npc and turn off bomb), 15sec for room 49 (or more if you choose to try to get some exp), and 140sec for room 47 (factoring in accepting the quest, running, and the lag at end and rolling die to next room). That right there is 4.5 minutes, so if you land in 45 after 44, you might as well assume the cube hates you and will make you more unlucky and keep rolling 1's.... and if you do, you need to budget 5.5min max for room 45.

Room 45 - If you have the bomb in here, and are not a veno, log out and onto an alt and find some friends who are running cube. When (if) they land in room 45, log in and team up to get you through. Herc veno @ 85, burning my ass off, I can get it killed in 5.5min. Keeping in mind pet damage isn't "nerfed" on bosses, I don't think non-veno's can do this boss under 10min. However, if you have no bomb on you, this boss is easy street, as his aoe is much much slower than Room 6.

Room 47 - Same as Rooms 9 and 30, but much tougher. Most people use the "kite" method. However, if you are not a barbarian or cleric, or have 5k+ hp (maybe more), then you must have Multiflavor jiaozi event food. Even then, you need at least 3.5k hp, 4k to be comfortable. Soon as you drop in, start your food use and try to gather all the mobs with as few hitting you as possible. Once gathered, kite em in a circle and pray your food is timed well.

Room 52 - If you are not a venomancer with Herc and level 83+, do not attempt this. Level 80-82 herc veno can do this with some good channel gear. 1 bonus Lottery Coin for completing.

Room 53 - Before you accept the quest, wait until the ball is a good bit separated from the defenders. Once it is, run in, "tag" the ball, and run into the goal, to the back. If any defenders agro'd just move toward the back of the goal and they'll die when they follow in. Their range attack does about 2-2.5k damage. After one goal, just run back out without agro'ing and get the whistle and turn it in. +speed items make this trivial.

Room 54 - Jackpot = 1 Lottery Coin. Also can win 330k coin.

Room 55 - 3rd prize is 330k coin, 2nd prize is 660k coin. Not sure 1st prize... yet.

Room 56 - Once you accept quest, just run through random portals until you find the brother with the flag over his head. Once you find him, you want to return back to Room A. Use the chart above like this... Check your coordinate to find your current room. From that room, you want to go to room E, which leads to room B, which is the only room that has a portal to room A.

Room 57 - Just run along the outter walls until you find the NPC you need for each turn-in. Red ones take off about 2k hitpoints give or take 100 or so. +speed items will help here, as you only get 5min.

Room 58 - This room is somewhat similar to rooms 14 and 34. You are presented with a Cube Tag, but need TWO to continue. So now you have options... 1. You can pay Do-all cards to continue to next room. 2. You can wait until another player enters and kill them to be presented with the second Cube Tag. Or 3. You can port back to the entrance of the cube and stash your Cube Tag on a mule. The Cube Tag is similar to the robber/bully cards in that it'll disappear if you trash the quest with it in your inventory, or if you leave the cube with it in your inventory.

Option 3 is obviously the most viable as 10 do-all cards is rather steep (it might actually be 16), and I don't think Dreamweaver's population is strong enough to have enough regulars coming that far into cube. So you save the token... Here's the challenge. The Cube Tag disappears any time you die with it in your inventory. That means you must make it ALLLLL the way back to Room 58 without dying, because you cannot just pick it up off your mule any time along the way. The good news... if you turn in 2 Cube Tags (completing room 58) you automatically win the cube and are sent to room 60. ie, no chance to get sent to room 59 and lose more coins.

Room 59 - No idea how far back you are sent or how random. But it is 660k to continue without being sent back.

lifted from mayhem site hope it ok if not oooppppssssss to late Wink
thanks to MD for this guide


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